Sunday, 12 April 2015

Blood of a dead chicken

A chicken egg is buried into horse manure and is left there for 21 days. After that the egg is dug up and in it, according to folk belief, a chicken will appear. The egg is cracked and the chicken is slaughtered with a gold coin. Using its blood one smears a body part of the person whose love one craves. Of course, this needs to be done discretely so that the person doesn't notice anything.

Ring of a dead man

A young man who wants a girl to fall in love with him takes a ring from a dead man and holding it in his hand or pocket he circles around the girl three times and then from a safe distance he looks at her through the ring and says:
As this dead man, on whose finger this ring resided, has no knowledge of anything so too N (name of the girl) shouldn't know about any other man beside me!

Bat and donkey

One of the oldest spells of Bosnian love magic is the use of bats as props for casting a spell. When it is caught, the bat is slaughtered with a golden or silver coin and a spindle is used to puncture the middle of its body, that hole is wrapped with golden threads in order to form a circle. Actually, the entire bat is wrapped with golden threads so that nothing else can be seen besides the hole in the body which will be used to look at the person whose love is desired. While the girl is looking through the body of the bat she utters: "With god's help as this bat flew through the air blind, so too you shall be blind by love towards me!"
Besides this, the brain of a donkey is often used, a piece of the brain to be exact, which is mixed into a cake or another meal and offered to the person whose love one desired. Exactly because of this spell among the Bosnian people there is a saying about a man who is overly interested into a woman: "She must have given him some donkey brain to eat!"

Love formula for arrival

In the past when a Bosnian girl wanted to make a young man visit her using a spell, she would get into bed and repeat the following formula seven times:

I laid on seven mattresses,
onto seven sheets,
onto seven pillows
and my dear N (name) onto seven knives,
onto seven swords
and onto seven rifles - may he not be able to live,
may he not be able to breathe,
may the sun not shine on him,
until he sees me,
kisses me and comes to me!

If the formula is uttered with a lot of passion and belief, it can have a fascinating effect, namely, according to folk tales, the young man that the girl mentioned in her formula will be struck by a mysterious longing and desire to see the girl and he will immediately go to see her. If on the other hand he tries to resist the urge he will be drenched in sweat and red dots will appear on his skin.
In order to prevent the girl from casting such spells the boy has to go to her house in secret and urinate on thedoor hinges with which he will neutralise all her future attempts of influencing him with love magic.

Love knots

To "tie" her husband to herself and secure a long common life, a woman pulls from her underpants and her husband's underpants a long thread. Then she connects them together and ties seven knots on it. Prior to any knot tying the woman repeats the prayer Ihlas and utters:
"on Friday I tied you to myself and your thoughts, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)
"on Saturday I tied you to myself and your eyes, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)
"on Sunday I tied you to myself and your ears, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)
"on Monday I tied you to myself and your mouth, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)
"On Tuesday I tied you to myself and your arms kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)
"on Wednesday I tied you to myself and your legs, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)
"on Thursday I tied you to myself and your entire body! kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

The thread with the knots is worn for seven days on the right side of the body, in the bra, and then placed under the doorstep of the house.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Ritual involving the sun

When the sun starts setting behind a hill a girl looks at it and utters the following vow three times:

O ye, bright sun,

are you setting behind a hill,

with whom are you leaving me?

Leave me with my dear N.,

he doesn't love me,

he doesn't care for me.

With god's will I have placed three burdens on him;

first one is a toothache,

the second one is the pain of a woman giving birth

and the third is the pain that a man feels when Azrail rips his soul from his body.

Let him die, let him have a fit until he sees me.

Elif zalim lamim!

After that she blows in the direction of the sun three times.


Ritual involving a new moon

When a new moon appears a girl looking at it utters the prayer Ihlas three times and then the following vow:

O new moon, old man, young soldier,

make me as tall as a fir tree,

make me as white as a pearl,

so I can be pretty and dear to all

and to my N. the most beautiful and dearest!

After that she blows in the direction of the new moon three times.


Star ritual

Right after sunset, as soon as the stars appear, a girl takes a knife and sticks it into the ground under the roof of the house, at the location where drops of rain fall from the roof. While doing this she utters:

I'm not putting this knife into the ground,

but in Mujo's heart and liver,

in his 77 nerves,

88 joints (while uttering this she drives the knife harder into the ground),

and 99 bones.

After that she looks at the largest star in the sky and utters:

Small star by god my sister (she moves her hands away from the knife),

wherever you find my Mujo you shall possess him,

where you catch up to him you shall move him from his place,

strike him in his cowlick,

bring him to me!

Then she places her palms onto the ground and utters the following vow:

Dark earth by god my mother!

This vow should not grasp me nor you,

nor the encircled garden,

nor a planted tree,

nor a barren sheep,

nor a cow without a calf,

but my Mujo and his heart and liver,

his 77 nerves,

88 joints and his 99 bones.

He should die,

go crazy until he comes to me and until he talks to me!

Then she blows in the direction of the star and without turning around she goes home. Tomorrow morning, before sunup, she takes the knife out from the ground.


Wednesday, 2 October 2013


The women try to stop infidelity by a ritual washing of their underwear. A woman whose husband is unfaithful washes her panties and bras and throws them onto a bush of nacre (Ruta graveoles) so that they can dry out. She repeats that action a couple of times. It is believed that she will make his leave his lover with such a ritual.

Sihir with white chicken

For marital magic, different props are also used, such as parts of animal like the left wing of a bat or a chicken's head and tail end.

When the man is frequently absent from the house and neglects his family then the woman uses magic in order to get him back. For that purpose she finds a white chicken, cuts her head off and then places the chicken's head on the right side of the door and the tail end on the left side. When the husband passes through such a door, she connects the two parts i.e. she pushes the beak into the tail end and utters:

As this beak stays in this tail end, so will you N.
Always stay with me, veledalin amin!
After that, the connected beak and tail end is buried in the yard under a small, fertile tree, such as an apple or pear.